3 Ways the Bose A20 Can Improve your Flight Experience

Headsets are a flying staple for pilots everywhere. However, finding the right equipment can be a challenge. The Bose A20 headset is a great option for those who prioritize quality and exceptional experience. Here are three ways the Bose A20 can improve your Flight Experience:  

Providing Comfort for Any Flight Duration 

Experience a tranquil and comfortable flight with the A20 headset. This headset weighs just 12 ounces! With sheepskin cushions for superior comfort and minimal clamping force to reduce fatigue, you can now relax in your travels from short hops to long hauls.

Offering Advanced Noise Reduction

Effective audio is a critical facet of flying planes. Bose A20’s noise reduction technology is over 25% more effective than other ordinary headsets. Cancel out unwanted noise while protecting your hearing with the Bose A20 headset.

Affording You a User-friendly Experience 

The A20 headset is designed for convenient use. The ergonomic control module includes intercom/AUX switching as well as customizable audio prioritization settings allowing you to fly without distraction - perfect for dedicated GPS systems or traffic warnings! Make flying effortless today with the reliable A20 headphones.

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