Accessories for Your Headset Available at Pilot Stuff

One of the most important pieces of equipment for a pilot is their headset. Finding the right one can be a hard decision for many. There are a number of items that need to be considered before a headset is bought. Once you have one selected, you have to make sure it has the right accessories. At Pilot Stuff, we feature a wide range of accessories for headsets from top manufacturers. Here is a look at some of our inventory.


Bose Headpad Cushion Kit

Having a worn-out cushion on your headset can lead to potential issues with comfort. If you have a Bose A20 or X headset, we offer headpad cushion kits. These replacement kits are designed to help keep your headband in place and come with a contoured design and wool cushioning inside. Plus, velcro easily attaches these pads directly to your headset.

ASA Helicopter Adapter

If you are a helicopter pilot that has a headset for a traditional plane, the ASA Helicopter Adapter from Pilot Stuff is beneficial. This adapter allows pilots to convert a fixed-wing headset for general aviation to be used while flying a helicopter. In addition, it’s made to work with all dual-plug headsets. It features a shield tensile strength wire plus a polyurethane casing.

Avcomm Foam Ear Seals

Every headset has parts that wear out over time. This includes ear seals, which may not be able to block unwanted audio when worn. Avcomm’s Foam Ear Seals are designed to provide you with high-quality comfort at an affordable price. These ear seals are available in small, large, and jumbo sizes for various types of headsets, ensuring you are able to find one that gives you the perfect fit.

FARO Mic Cover

The FARO Mic Cover from Pilot Stuff helps improve communication for pilots by reducing wind and ambient cockpit noise. It is made from transparent sonic foam, and heps protect your microphone from debris, dirt, and moisture. They are designed to fit most aviation headsets and come with an O-ring to secure.

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