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Everyone knows that a flight bag is every pilot's best friend. It's where they keep all of their precious items and materials as they travel across the world. So it should come as no surprise that picking the right flight bag is one of the most important decisions a pilot will ever face. This is why Pilot Stuff prides itself on our impressive and extensive inventory of flight bags.

From famous brands such as American Aviator and Flight Outfitters, Pilot Stuff has something for everyone to fulfill all of their flying and traveling needs. In order to pick the perfect bag, you must first do your research. Here are a few of the best flight bags that Pilot Stuff has to offer.

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The ASA AirClassics Pilot Backpack 

One of the most popular brands that Pilot Stuff offers its consumer base is ASA. The perfect get-up-and-go bag, the ASA AirClassics Pilot Backpack comes with four zippered compartments that result in an abundance of room for all of your traveling gear. This pick is also known for its variety of features that include: 

  • A felt-lined eyeglass pocket 
  • Interior with pen-holders, pockets, and even a lanyard
  • A front zippered pocket for your wallet or phone 
  • Water-resistant bottom 
  • D-rings on both shoulder straps 
  • Outside slots for pilot supplies; zip pocket for radio, GPS, or water bottle
  • A weight of only 2.35 

And priced at only $99.95, the ASA Airclassics Pilot Backpack is more than worth it. Click here for more information on this exclusive and in-demand pilot bag. 

Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Rucksack 

The next option on our list is a carefully designed bag that was built with a thick canvas and leather accents. The Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Rucksack is known for its massive interior made to carry a wide range of pilot supplies and items. This bag also comes with a number of different features that makes it stand out: 

  • Two external mesh pockets 
  • Two side pockets with zipper closures 
  • Leather straps with quick-release buckles 
  • Padded and comfortable shoulder straps 
  • Front pocket designed for your phone or wallet 
  • And much, much more 

While a bit more expensive than the ASA Airclassics Pilot Backpack at $129.95, the Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Rucksack is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to pilot bags. Click here to make all of your luggage and traveling dreams come true with the Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Rucksack. 

The Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag 

The final option on our list is designed for the best of the best. The Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag is the perfect bag for your extensive traveling needs. With aspects that include a detachable transceiver/GPS bag, the Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag was built to carry anything and everything a pilot could ever need. These features include: 

  • A 4-way adjustable divider 
  • Large exterior zippered pocket for your laptop or tablet
  • Two exterior zippered storage pockets 
  • Made from Polymer 
  • Consists of a PVC coating for water resistance 
  • A fully-padded interior design 

One of the more expensive picks on our list at $119.95, the Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag is known for its durable material and robust exterior. Don't miss out on this state-of-the-art piece of luggage, and click right here to make your purchase. 

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