Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset – A Must-Have for Pilots

Are you a pilot looking for the perfect aviation headset? Look no further than the new and improved Bose ProFlight Series 2. This headset is designed with commercial aviators, airline pilots, and lower-noise corporate flight deck environments in mind. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and comes packed with all the technology, noise cancellation, and clarity you need in a professional aviation headset. Here’s why you should invest in the ProFlight Series 2. 

Lightweight Design 

The ProFlight Series 2 weighs in at just 4.5 ounces (128 grams) on your head — light enough to stay comfortable even on the longest flights. The new thinner, lighter, and more flexible cable makes it easier to wear without feeling weighed down by the headset itself. 

Noise Reduction Technology 

The ProFlight Series 2 features proprietary audio technology that ensures superior noise reduction regardless of conditions in the cockpit. From loud engine noises to background chatter among crew members, this aviation headset provides clear reception while reducing outside noise interference.  The advanced active equalization adjusts to changing frequencies while providing superior sound quality no matter what altitude you’re flying at.  You get crystal clear conversations from takeoff to landing every time! 

Multi-Functional Controls 

The convenient multi-function control module lets you easily adjust volume levels or mute incoming audio with just one touch. You can also switch seamlessly between audio panel input and radio input for better flexibility during long flights. And when your phone rings during flight? No need to worry! Just plug in your cell phone adapter and take calls as needed—in crystal clear sound too!    


When it comes to choosing an aviation headset that meets all of your needs as a pilot—comfortability, convenience, sound quality—the Bose ProFlight Series 2 has got you covered! With its lightweight design, noise reduction technology, and multi-functional controls that let you switch between audio panel input and radio input with ease—you’ll be set up for success with this must-have aviation headset! Get yours today on!

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