Choosing The Right Gear With BrightLine Bags

Packing is no one's favorite thing to do. And it's even worse when you live a life where you're constantly on the go. But what if we were to tell you that packing doesn't have to be this way? It sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it? Almost too perfect. With BrightLine Bags, this dream can easily become a reality. With a diverse and versatile collection of travel bags, BrightLine Bags stand out from all its competitors, offering a perfect bag for everyone. From slim bags perfectly designed to hold your assortment of laptops and tablets to fully-fledged flight bags that carry all of your traveling needs, BrightLine Bags has something for everyone. But don't just take our word for it; take a look at everything BrightLine Bags has to offer.


The Cozy Brightline B0 Slim 

The thinnest bag BrightLine Bags offers, the BrightLine B0 Slim is perfect for light traveling. Perfectly tailored for your tablets and laptops, the BrightLine B0 Slim is comprised of the pocket cap front and the flat cap rear with a long slip pocket on the back of the flat cap rear. Known as one of BrightLine Bags' most accessible bags, the BrightLine B0 Slim allows you to add or remove center sections to customize the perfect bag for your traveling needs. The BrightLine B0 Slim is also tailored to be taken on the go as it can be carried by either the handle at the top of the bag or by a shoulder strap called the D3 Clip. 

BrightLine B7 Flight 

A bulkier pick than the BrightLine B0 Slim, the BrightLine B7 Flight is perfect for heavy travel due to the fact that it is able to carry an assortment of materials for your traveling needs. With compartments to hold your headsets, radios, tablets, and even charts, the BrightLine B7 Flight is flawlessly designed for aviators and pilots always on the go. Essentially BrightLine Bags' flex version of their Pilot Flight Bag, the BrightLine B7 Flight is often considered to be the most durable and valuable flight bag ever designed and manufactured. 

BrightLine FLEX System CS5

The perfect size between the BrightLine B7 Flight and the BrightLine B0 Slime, the BrightLine FLEX System CS5 is made primarily for regular and typical travelers. The BrightLine FLEX System CS5 is able to hold your tablets, headphones, and even some clothes for a couple of days away from home. A favorite among most pilots and aviators, the BrightLine FLEX CS5 System comes with a divider shelf that gives you the opportunity to divide your personal documents from your tablets and other flying equipment. With three locking zippers, the BrightLine FLEX System CS5 also has two pocket stations, one for each side of the bag. Like the BrightLine FLEX System CS4, the BrightLine FLEX System CS5 does not come with a main handle or a shoulder strap, so it's crucial to order those when you order this state-of-the-art traveling bag. 

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