Essential Supplies Available at Pilot Stuff

Piloting an aircraft is not the easiest thing in the world. There are numerous details to consider as well as specific mechanics that help keep you in the air. Having the right supplies on board ensures that your flight will be safe. The good news is that Pilot Stuff carries all the key items you need most. Whether it’s a flight computer or a navigation plotter, we have the key essentials for pilots. Here is a look at some of our inventory.


Oxymizer Oxygen Cannula

The Oxymizer Oxygen Cannula serves as a breathing device that features an oxygen-conserving reservoir in the face piece. The design lets you breathe through your nose and the cannula provides a constant stream of oxygen. Typically, the devices are used for flights that are lower than 18,000 feet. The Oxymizer secures itself comfortably and easily to the user’s face.

Plexus Aircraft Plastic Cleaner

Originally developed for the aviation industry, Plexus Plastic Cleaner from Pilot Stuff has quickly been discovered to be useful in multiple types of industries. Plexus seals pores in plastic surfaces with protective wax. This offers enhanced protection from debris, oil, and scratches. Outside of your plane, use this cleaner on just about anything. It’s great to use on appliances, vinyl windows, and even your motorcycle or car.

Degroff's Pitot Shields

For pilots looking to protect the pitot tubes on their aircraft from debris and ice, consider Degroff's Pitot Shields. They use friction to attach to a pitot tube and feature a calibrated design to release once the plane reaches a specific velocity. These shields are made using UV-resistant EVA foam and are stable at high temperatures.

Pilot Pocket Pro Cockpit Organizer

The Pilot Pocket Pro Cockpit Organizer from Pilot Stuff is designed to hold your most important equipment. The compartments can hold the largest smartphones or GPS systems, along with storage for pens, sunglasses, and other items. It attaches to your aircraft using three suction cups and is made from strong, transparent acrylic that is scratch resistant and doesn’t discolor in sunlight.

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