Flight Bags Available at Pilot Stuff

If you are a pilot, you likely have a lot of equipment to keep up with. Whether it’s logbooks, kneeboards, or even water, you need a way to have everything on hand before you board. This is where a quality flight bag comes in handy. Not every flight bag is the same. Depending on your needs, you may need to consider a variety of features to find the right one for you. The good news is that Pilot Stuff carries a large supply of flight bags for pilots of all levels. Here is a look at some of our inventory.


Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Duffel Bag

Made with canvas and leather accents, the Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Duffel Bag is a great bag for pilots looking for sufficient storage. It features two large side pockets with padding for headsets and 4 organization pockets to hold chargers and other smaller items. There is also a pass-through strap for holding over luggage handles plus a leather shoulder strap pad for carrying.

Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag

The Jeppesen Captain Flight Bag from Pilot Stuff features two detachable headset bags. There is also a detachable transceiver/GPS bag with a 4-way adjustable divider, meant to hold multiple binders. In addition, there is a zippered pocket that holds a laptop computer and two exterior storage pockets. Every Captain Flight Bag is fully padded and is built for strength and water resistance.

ASA AirClassics Pilot Briefcase

If you are in flight or pilot school, the ASA AirClassics Pilot Briefcase serves as a solid choice. There is an expandable, zippered main compartment with additional storage areas for pens, flashlights, flight computers, and other essential items. Additional rugged buckles and a non-slip carry strap are other available features. The ASA AirClassics Pilot Briefcase is a classy option that’s perfect for an airplane and a boardroom.

BrightLine B0 Slim

When you need a bag to hold your iPad, laptop, or another technological device, the BrightLine B0 Slim from Pilot Stuff is for you. It is flexible enough to store these devices, as well as documentation and other folders. Made with two modules zipped together, it also allows for expandable storage by adding additional center sections.

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