Key Equipment for New Student Pilots

It can be an exciting time for beginning pilots entering training. They are starting out with their aviation career and are looking forward to going through the training process. One of the first questions a beginner may have is what type of equipment they need before they start. The good news is that it’s easy to get a sense of the core items you need, and Pilot Stuff has many of these essentials available for purchase. Here are some of the key pieces of equipment a new student should consider.



There are many flight schools that provide you with a headset, however, many opt to have their own. The features you want will depend on what you are flying as well as your personal preferences. While you may be tempted to go for a basic model, spending on a higher-end model gives you a headset that will last for a longer period of time, meaning you won’t have to consistently purchase one should it stop working.


You want to have a detailed record of the training you’ve done and the number of flight hours you have completed. A logbook allows you to keep a detailed record of your flight history. Typically, experts recommend carrying two logbooks: a traditional paper version and a digital version. By doing so, you have a backup of your history in the event something happens to one of your books.


As a pilot, there will be a lot of items you will have with you. These include charts, calculators, pens, and more. Having a kneeboard keeps these items secure and easily accessible. Most of the kneeboards on the market attach to your leg using a velcro strap and feature a clipboard and pockets to hold important items. Many styles are available, though the tri-fold ones are most recommended.


While not necessarily an essential item, a quality pair of sunglasses will help shield your eyes from bright sunlight. You want to look for glasses that offer high UV protection and allow you to see best through sun glare. In addition, avoid those with polarized lenses, as they can filter or alter some color shades, which may affect your ability to view some airplane elements.

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