Lightspeed Sierra Headset Dual GA Plugs

As a pilot, you know how important it is to have the right headset. After all, your headset is your connection to the world around you and can be the difference between a smooth flight and an uncomfortable one. That’s why the Lightspeed Sierra Headset Dual GA Plugs is the perfect choice for any pilot looking for a premium ANR headset. Let's take a look at some of its features and benefits. 

ComPriorit Plush Ear Seals

The ComPriorit plush ear seals provide maximum comfort and noise reduction in both passive and active modes. With no pressure points on your head, you won't experience fatigue during long flights. The ear seals are also designed to be easy to clean and replace if needed.  

Bluetooth Connectivity: Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, this headset allows you to sync up with your mobile device or other Bluetooth-enabled devices so you can listen to music or make hands-free calls while flying. 

Reversible Headband Design

The reversible headband design allows you to customize the microphone placement depending on which side of the aircraft you prefer. This feature makes sure that your voice will be heard clearly regardless of which side of the cockpit you're on. 

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Construction

All of this innovation is supported by durable fiber-reinforced polymer construction that makes sure that your headset stays in top condition through every flight. 


If you’re looking for an ANR headset that is both high-quality and budget-friendly, look no further than Lightspeed's Sierra Headset Dual GA plugs! With its advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, ComPriorit plush ear seals, and reversible headband design combined with its durable fiber-reinforced polymer construction, it’s clear why this is such an ideal choice for any pilot advancing to a premium ANR headset! So don't wait - get your own Lightspeed Sierra Headset today by visiting our website!

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