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In order to keep up with the growing demand of our consumer base, Pilot Stuff makes it a priority to update our inventory regularly. Each month, new products such as aviation sunglasses, airplane models, and even pilot computers are added to our stock so that you can fly with the best equipment possible. This month, we've added additional sunglasses and airplane models so that you can extend your collection even further. Take this chance to have a look at all of the new products we have added to our already impressive catalog.

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The Serengeti Varese Sunglasses 

Let's start off our list of new items with one of the most popular brands that Pilot Stuff offers. Varese has provided its consumer base with sleekly designed sunglasses that are just as fashionable as they are protective. With a base curve of 8 and a lens category of 3 to 3, the Serengeti Varese Sunglasses is a popular choice among most pilots and aviators. Due to its large framing, this pair of sunglasses has a one-size-fits-all design. The Serengeti is also known for its robust durability as its frame is made from metal, specifically brushed gunmetal. And while these sunglasses come in at a hefty $274.95, they are more than worth the price. When it comes to flying in style while keeping the pestering light of the sun out of your eyes, there's no better choice than the Serengeti Varese Sunglasses. 

The Gemini200 Qatar 777-300ER 1/200 FIFA World Cup A7-BEB

Finally, an aircraft model made for all you soccer fanatics out there. The Gemini200 Qatar is a fan favorite among both collectors and soccer fans alike. Carefully designed and colored to resemble the Qatar 777-300ER, this is a worthy addition to the Gemini Jets family. Made with die-cast metal, this aircraft model comes in a 1/200 scale with both landing gear and a stand. This Gemini Jet is about 14 1/2 inches with a 12-inch wingspan. And priced at only $146.95, this model aircraft is more than worth it. Don't let your collection falter. Buy the Gemini200 Qatar 777-300ER today only at Pilot Stuff. 

The Gemini200 Korean Air Cargo 747-400ERF 1/200 HL7603 Interactive Series

Another aircraft model to add to your growing collection, the Gemini200 Korean Air Cargo 747-400 ERF is tinted a light blue to resemble its giant counterpart. Like the Gemini200 Qatar 777-300Er, the Gemini200 Korean Air Cargo 747-400 ERF comes in a 1/200 scale with both landing gear and a stand. Built with die-cast metal, this airplane model is known for its long-lasting durability. This Gemini Jets product is also close to 14 inches long with a 12 1/2 inch wingspan. While this product is a bit more expensive than the Gemini200 Qatar 777-300ER at $202.95, the Gemini200 Korean Air Cargo 747-400 ERF is more than worth the price. Don't let that empty spot on your collection shelf collect any more dust. Buy the Gemini200 Korean Air Cargo today at Pilot Stuff. 




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