Pilot Stuff’s Navigation Accessories

Navigation is an essential part of a pilot’s career. It allows them to reach their destination while not facing potential issues. There are numerous accessories available on the market that make it easier for you to have the required services you need while flying. Pilot Stuff carries these accessories at great prices, helping you have the tools to track your key flights. Here is a look at our inventory.


ASA Flight Planner Pad

The ASA Flight Planner Pad is perfect for domestic and international preflight planning as well as tracking during a flight. This planner comes with two sides. The front side gives pilots a place to list preflight information such as altitude, checkpoints, and compass hearings. On the back side, there is a pilot checklist, weight computation table, and a flight plan that follows the ICAO format.

Chart Highlighter Tape

Pilot Stuff’s Chart Highlighter Tape serves as an alternative to highlighter pens. This tape sticks securely while also removing easily from most surfaces. This makes our Chart Highlighter Tape perfect for use on important documents. Available in six distinct colors to make key information stand out, it is also transparent enough to allow you to see data underneath.

Radialmate Compass Rose

The Radialmate Compass Rose is designed to fit over any map or chart and give pilots key radial information. It is small enough to fit in a pocket but provides an instant indication of a flight course. For sectionals where the VOR (Very High-Frequency Omni-Directional Range) is difficult to find, the Radialmate Compass Rose is perfect. It also features a hole in the middle for use as a string compass, allowing use on a wall map.

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