Pilot Stuff's State-Of-The-Art Airband Transceivers

Every pilot's worst fear is finding themselves up in the air with no communication with dispatch on the ground. What would they do if this happened? How would they know where to go? And even worse, how would they know where their fellow pilots were flying? This was a problem of the past when aviation was just beginning to take off (no pun intended) but not an issue of the present where next to everyone has a smartphone or tablet in their pockets. Luckily for us, technology has progressed to the point where a lack of communication in the air is no longer a problem to worry about.

Invented in 1948, airband transceivers have been used all over the world to track and communicate with civil pilots and aviators to track their position and their distance. These airband transceivers vary in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from a multitude of prices. Luckily for you, Pilot Stuff offers the best in class airband transceivers that ensure you'll never find yourself lost up in the air. But don't just take our word for it; take a look for yourself.

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The ICOM IC - A16B

The first of two airband transceivers that Pilot Stuff offers, the ICOM IC - A16B is the perfect transceiver for both ground control and any beginner pilot. With an easy-to-use design, the ICOM IC - A16B utilizes an immensely powerful 1,500 mW audio output that makes it next to impossible not to hear. On their site, Pilot Stuff describes it as loud enough to "be heard in noisy work environments." The waterproof airband transceiver has a large-capacity and durable battery that allows its user to use the ICOM IC - A16B for up to seventeen hours. This long-lasting battery makes the ICOM IC - A16B airband transceiver one of the most popular in the aviation market. And when you shop with Pilot Stuff, there is a variety of add-ons that are included with the ICOM IC - A16B. From an MB-133 belt clip to the BC-213 rapid charger and BP-280 battery, Pilot Stuff ensures that communication will never be lost with the ICOM IC - A16B. And at only 299 dollars, this airband transceiver is the best bang for your buck!


Pilot Stuff's ICOM IC - A25N 

The second airband transceiver Pilot Stuff offers is the ICOM IC - A25N. While this airband transceiver has a lower battery life than the ICOM IC - A16B, it's not without reason. The ICOM IC - A25N provides a higher power transmitter that results in a higher range of communication to ensure safety. Like the ICOM IC - A16B, the ICOM IC - A25N is Bluetooth compatible as well as having both a day mode and a night mode, so it's easy to read no matter where the sun is on its rotation. While the ICOM IC - A25N clocks in at a hefty 499 dollar, this airband transceiver is worth the price due to the number of features that come with it, such as a 2.3 inch LCD display and 121.5 MHz emergency key. This, paired with its wide range of communication, makes the ICOM IC - A25N a must need for any pilot. 

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