Pilot Stuff's Summer Sunglasses Blowout

Believe it or not, it's that time of the year again. The time of year where all the kiddies are out of school, and backyard barbecues are in full swing. That's right, summer is upon us yet once again. And with the summer comes the summer sun and heat. The only way to beat this summer sun is with one strong pair of sunglasses. Luckily for you, Pilot Stuff has just the sale for you.

This summer, Pilot Stuff is holding a massive sunglasses summer sale to fit all of your summer needs. From brands such as Randolph Engineering to Serengeti, Pilot Stuff has something for everyone when it comes to purchasing the perfect pair of sunglasses. Now's the time to throw away those old hand-me-down sunglasses and the time to start shopping at Pilot Stuff. Here are just a few of the ultramodern sunglasses that Pilot Stuff has to offer in their summer sunglasses blowout.


The Bolle Vulture Sunglasses - Matte Black, TNS 

To start our list off, we decided to choose a Bolle product. Known for its lightness, the Bolle Vulture is a fan-favorite among most pilots as its flat-top style is specifically made and designed for a very active lifestyle. The Bolle Vulture Sunglasses come with a variety of different features that include: 

  • A weight of 34g
  • Anti-fog treatment of P80+
  • HD Polarized Lenses 
  • Anti-scratch treatment 
  • NXT photo-chromatic lenses 
  • And much, much more 

Originally priced at $110.00, the Bolle Vultures are now only $89.95, which saves you a whopping total of $20.05. Act fast and order now before all of these are snatched up by your fellow flyers. Click here to purchase your pair of Bolle Vultures today!

The Serengeti Varese Sunglasses - Brushed Gunmetal, Polarized Drivers 555nm

From Bolle Vulture to Serengeti Varese, Pilot Stuff has something for everyone. These highly sought-after sunglasses are a fan favorite among all aviators, with a body curve of 8 and a lens category of 3 to 3. These two features don't even begin to cover everything that is included with this pair of sunglasses. 

  • Ultra-light Mineral lens 
  • Photo-chromatic
  • Brushed Gunmetal frame 
  • Made in Japan 
  • RX available 
  • A size of 64x16130

And priced initially at $275.00, the Serengeti Varese Sunglasses are now only $179.95, which results in a savings of $95.05! Talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck! Click here to make sure that you don't miss out on a pair of Serengeti Varese Sunglasses. 

The Randolph Thaden, 54mm, 23K Gold E.P., Skull, Skyforce AGX 

The final sale on our list, the Randolph Thaden is an immensely popular product among a majority of all pilots and aviators. Named after the first Women's Air Derby winner, the Randolph Thaden is known for its compact design as it is perfect for small faces. This pair also includes an assortment of features such as: 

  • 23K Gold Jewelry Quality frame 
  • A size of 54mm
  • Skull temple
  • Skyforce AGX lens
  • Genuine hard leather case 
  • A life guarantee 

Marked down from $229.00 to $189.95, this is the most expensive pair of sunglasses on this list but is considered to be more than worth the price. And with a total saving of $39.05, you'll still have more than enough funds waiting for you in the bank. Click here to purchase your Randolph Thaden today!

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