Pilot Stuff’s Test Preparation Guides

When students go through training to become pilots, there can be a lot of items to learn. Depending on the type of pilot you want to be, as well as the type of plane you want to fly, the right preparation materials can help you progress in your training faster. Pilot Stuff carries both traditional and digital test preparation guides, which make it easy for aspiring pilots to know important information before testing. Here is a look at some of our inventory.


Gleim 2022 Flight/Ground Instructor Knowledge Test Guide

When you want to pass the FAA Knowledge Test, the Gleim Flight/Ground Instructor Guide can help. This book features outlines at the beginning of each unit of study to clearly indicate relevant information needed to answer test questions. The guide comes with 950 multiple choice questions, reprints of images in the FAA testing supplement, and practice versions of knowledge tests.

Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Test Guide

For those looking to become commercial pilots, consider the Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Test Guide from Pilot Stuff. This guide offers test questions found on FAA commercial pilot tests complete with correct answers. In addition, there are detailed explanations as well as study references. The test guide also comes in perforated pages in a 3-hole binder, allowing you to remove pages to use for study.

2022 ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Bundle

Combining the ASA Test Prep book and Prepware Download, the Private Pilot bundle gives you the knowledge you need at a greater value. The guidebook is organized based on the subject matter, and features illustrations, sample questions, and a reference guide. Also, the bundle has a Computer Testing Supplement containing all information you will receive at the testing center and a 24-month subscription to the online prepware program.

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