Pilot Stuff's Wide Range Of Flight Computers

Within a world filled with technology, where everyone has a tablet or smartphone in their pocket or bag, seamless flying has never been easier to achieve than it is today. And it just got easier with Pilot Stuff's state-of-the-art flight computers. No, we're not talking about the kind of computers that spawn from the mind of Steve Jobs or Silicon Valley. These are ultramodern devices that allow a pilot to calculate an assortment of metrics when up in the air. From fuel burn to wind resistance, a flight computer is an incredibly vital tool for any pilot or aviator. And luckily for you, Pilot Stuff offers the best of the best.

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The Impenetrable ASA CX-3 Electronic Flight Computer 

When it comes to flight computers, power is everything. This is why the ASA CX-3 is one of the more popular choices among Pilot Stuff's flight computer inventory. Known for its user-friendly setup, the ASA CX-3 has a colored LCD screen with an easy-to-use feature system. The ASA CX-3 has two timers: one stopwatch that counts up and a countdown button. One of the slimmest flight computers Pilot Stuff offers, the ASA CX-3 is just a simple keyboard with an LCD screen above it. It is this structure that makes the ASA CX-3 one of the best flight computers when it comes to frequent traveling, just perfect for any pilot or aviator.

The Jeppesen Student E6-B Flight Computer 

As its name implies, the Jeppesen Student E6-B is the perfect flight computer for any up-and-coming pilot or aviator. With a simple, easy-to-use design and control, the Jeppesen Student E6-B is ideal for giving any prospective pilot experience when it comes to handling a flight computer. And at just 15.95, the Jeppesen Student E6-B is the most affordable flight computer that Pilot Stuff has to offer. When it comes to giving your pilot or aviator their first flight computer, there's no better choice than the Jeppesen Student E6-B.


The ASA Color E6-B Flight Computer 

Another ASA choice on this list, the ASA Color E6-B is a color-coded flight computer that helps pilots separate different metrics through the use of color. On the circular side, blue is used to measure distance, time, and temperature. Red calculates both weight and volume. Finally, black measures the rate arrow and units to be calculated. On the wind side, the colors represent different directions. Red represents the east, whereas blue represents the west. With this easy-to-use design and features, the ASA Color E6-B is one of the more popular choices among flight computers. When it comes to a simple design and easy-to-use flight computer, there's no better choice than the ASA Color E6-B Flight Computer.


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