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One of the most important pieces of equipment a pilot will need is a pilot headset. Every pilot knows that communication to ground control is vital whenever you're up in the air. When roads have traffic signs to guide their drivers, the sky offers no sort of direction to go off on visually. This is why pilots need to communicate with the ground in order to know where they need to go.

Pilot Stuff prides itself on its extensive inventory for anything a pilot could need, especially pilot headsets. From David Clark to FARO and Bose to Pilot USA, we have everything you could ever need when it comes to pilot headsets and their accessories. But don't just take our word for it; take a look for yourself.

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The David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset 

David Clark is a popular brand that Pilot Stuff is proud to be associated with. One of David Clark's most popular items is the David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset. This dynamic pilot headset's boom type is a universal flex and has a weight of only 16.5 oz. As its name would imply, this headset is primarily used among helicopter pilots due to its durability and earphone sensibility. These features only begin to scratch the surface of everything the David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset has to offer. More features include: 

  • Mic Impedance of 50 ohms +/- 20%
  • Mic Freq Response of 300Hz--3.5KHz per RTCA DO 214
  • Earphone Frequency Response of 200-5,500 Hz
  • 5 Foot Coiled Cord 
  • And much more!

At only $356.95, the David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset is the perfect pilot headset for any helicopter pilot. 

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset 

Forget about Beats by Dre; this is the era of Bose. The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is another popular pilot headset that Pilot Stuff has to offer. With 30% greater noise reduction, this headset is known for its peaceful and relaxing flights. At a weight of only 12 ounces, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is also highly sought out due to its thimble and delicate nature. Unlike the David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset, the Bose A20 Aviation comes with additional accessories that include: 

  • Aux-in cable adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • Control Module 
  • 2 Double-A Batteries 
  • A Carrying Case 
  • And an In-Line Clothing Clip 

Even when priced at a hefty $995.95, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is more than worth it. 

The Faro G3 Carbon ANR Headset 

Right in the middle of the David Clark and the Bose A20 is the Faro G3 Carbon ANR Headset. The lightest out of the three, this headset is popular among commercial flight pilots due to its light weight. The Faro G3 Carbon ANR Headset is the perfect beginner headset for any pilot with features that include: 

  • Active Noise Reduction rated at 52 dB
  • Faux leather Ear Cushions
  • 3-Color Power/Battery Status LED
  • Auxiliary 3.4mm Audio Input 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Audio and Communication
  • And a 3-Year Warranty with 30-Day Money Back Guaranty

Priced in between the David Clark and Bose A20 at $679.99 to $709.99, the Faro G3 Carbon ANR Headset is the perfect choice for all of your flying needs. 


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