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In this day in age, technology is a constant state of flux, ever-evolving to the consumer's changing needs. This is no different for the world of videography. We've come a long way since the days of Charlie Chaplin, and it shows within stunning movies such as La La Land or The Artist. But the most audacious new piece of technology is none other than drone photography. 

With an assortment of options, drone photography is a state-of-the-art form of shooting that is both awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping all at once. With so many artists and photographers out there, it's nearly impossible to stand out from all the rest. So how does one make their work stand out from all the rest? The answer is drone photography, of course. 

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Capture Angles You Usually Couldn't 

We've all been to the movies and fell under the spell of a beautiful camera shot. Whether it be the composition of the frame or the scene's lighting, there are always those few shots that seem to take our breath away. But we seem never to ask the most important question, "How?" How do these videographers achieve these brilliant and compelling shots? One of these shots that seem to elude explanation is the classic aerial shot or bird's eye view. Usually, a crane is achieved, but a drone is used to get this shot most of the time.

Using a drone, you will capture any shot from any angle you need for your project. This could be a wide shot of an exterior or even a bird's eye view looking down onto your subjects. No matter what the shot may be, using a drone will make it achievable and affordable. 

Give Your Video An Edge 

It's no secret that the world of photography is a lethal battleground, and like the game of thrones, you either win or die trying. This is why you must make your work and portfolio distinct and stand out from all the rest. But how does one do that with a limited budget? Again, the answer is the use of a drone. A drone gives you a crystal clear image with a striking definition that practically seduces your eyes to be mesmerized. 

Drone photography is cutting edge technology that not only gives you more freedom as a photographer but higher quality photos as well. This will give a headstart over the rest of the aspiring photographers and videographers out there. 

Capture Smooth Motion 

Nobody likes shaky camera work. From Cloverfield to Chronicle, shaky camera work has left audiences nauseous and disoriented worldwide. A lower budget means tighter corners. But there's no need to fear, for the work of a drone is here to save the day. 

The footage a drone captures is debatably smoother than footage captured by a Steadicam or tripod. This allows your video to appear clearer and more coherent within the story it is trying to tell. It will also make your work look of higher quality, even when your budget didn't allow for it. 

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